Yoga Child's Pose



Especially for women, mums and carers, this is a peaceful yet mindful yoga class, a perfect way to unwind and feel restored, spending quality time for yourself to safely and gently stretch and tone, breathe and of course, relax. 


We focus on nurturing self care; essential for us all and especially as carers of others, we often spend so much time and energy looking after others.    

Included in this class:

  • yoga postures and movements (asanas)

  • pranayama (breathing techniques) 

  • release of stress and tension in mind and body through movement and self massage

  • safely stretching and toning

  • pelvic floor and core work

  • womb and menstrual health and awareness

  • meditation / yoga nidra, (deep relaxation)

  • cup of herbal tea and supportive chat

For all levels of fitness, flexibility or yoga experience  (but not for pregnancy or after birth).

I absolutely loved the session.  It has sent me into the week feeling revived, both in body and mind.  Can't wait for the next one" - Helena

I went to the women’s well-being class last night and when I walked in I barely had 10% energy left, I felt exhausted, after a wonderful session I can honestly say I left feeling back at up 100% ready for the week ahead with a much more positive outlook, I so love these sessions spending that little bit of me time really is invaluable. - Stacey

Claire R

"Having attended pregnancy yoga and baby massage classes with Pippa I was excited when she started her Sunday evening mums yoga. I enjoy that escape so much I'm still attending even though my youngest son is now two and a half! My Sunday evening yoga is special to me as it's time just for me especially at the end of a busy weekend running round after my two boys.  The classes are peaceful and an escape from being mummy for just an hour. It's time to breath, relax and stretch my body. Pippa is a fantastic teacher and every class is different. She listened to the needs of both new mums and those of us with older children to make that class a perfect escape for us all."


“Thanks so much for a wonderful class – you are such an inspiration and such a kindred soul”

Claire C

This been a fantastic class I have attended and my love of yoga has grown from learning yoga practice. Having time for just me has been very important but also learning a new skill has had a physical impact on my body.  Pippa has given me a real sense of inner calm when as a person I struggle with not having chaos in my life.  I would recommend Pippa's classes both in pregnancy and beyond."



 I really enjoyed it and found I was deeply relaxed afterwards and had the best nights sleep I'd had in ages! Hoping to go again very soon! xx