Your key to regular, genuine wellbeing and self care starts here!   

Stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stuck, and

start feeling grounded, calm and enable you to move forward in your life with ease and happiness

Work with me 

There are a few ways you can work with me.  

1. Booking individual classes or treatments

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2. Signing up for my 1-2-1 mentorship / coaching

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3. Joining a group course or program

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Group Courses/Programs/Coaching

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Purple Glow

Reclaim Your Energy

3-day free mini-course

(available live or replays)




Transform your life with this

4-week energy balancing and boosting course

Cosmic Sky

Surviving to Thriving

Subconscious & Energy

Transformational  Coaching

4-month program

Lovely words following the last energy course:

"When I'm in flow and the vibe is high I feel like I can accomplish anything!"

"After our session I felt positive and just went with the flow, when I got into bed I felt we had a good day. I was snuggled in with both kids next to me and I was practicing gratitude and felt that warm glow surrounding us"

"Was so lovely thank you. Def made me realise what energises me"

"My whole body feels much freer"

"The feeling of relaxation is so easy to achieve in such a short time with that!"

"I’ve never done something like that before - think I need some practice

but it was really good! I also yawned a lot!"

"Thanks so much Pippa - great course!"

"Just really grateful to you for this."

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Please note, I am inclusive in my offerings, meaning all womxn are welcome.  I also work with men and non-binary people.   Everyone can benefit from this work.