pregnancy retreat days

Karma Nurture holds Pregnancy Retreat afternoons and days in Bedfordshire.


It can be wonderful to get away for a bit of breathing space, away from "normal" life for a bit.  To set aside some self care time.

In pregnancy, there's often so much going on, and a retreat afternoon or day can be a wonderful way to reconnect with your self, your baby, nature, and other pregnant women.  

Events coming up are:

-Spring 2021 - TBC

Retreat Clients say...

My friend and I booked this retreat when we were in the third trimesters of our pregnancies.


We needed some time to ourselves, to relax and find calm before our big days.


When we got there we chatted in a circle with the other women on the retreat and I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable.


The yoga gave me the space to connect with myself and my baby and to be honest, I feel it contributed heavily to my calm,content nature when I gave birth some weeks later.


I enjoyed the nature walk, chatting away to the other ladies and getting closer to nature, feeling healthy and refreshed, and finally we learnt about the healing qualities of some plants as we made our own bath mix jars.


The retreat on the whole really just enabled me to connect with myself at a time in my life where it was so necessary.


Pippa and Jo are kind, calming and welcoming - I would definitely recommend the retreat to people needing to find a calm place or connect with themselves again.


I have since booked on to some other classes and events with Pippa and will continue to do so. - Rachel