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The key to transforming your experience of pregnancy & birth starts here.

congratulations on your pregnancy

I'm guessing, how things are with the corona virus pandemic at the moment, probably means you are spending your pregnancy in a rather different way to how you envisaged.   Maybe you are rushing around less, but worrying more?  And while the world seems to have paused for a while, your pregnancy isn't pausing! 

Your need for information, antenatal classes, meeting other expectant parents, and support, is not on hold. 


Are you wanting:

  • a holistic and individualised approach to your enhance your experience of pregnancy and birth

  • positive birth and baby preparation, which LOADS of practical information, tailored to YOUR needs

  • a gentle yet effective, specialised and relaxing yoga practise

  • ease aches and pains and feel good in your body

  • supportive mindset and mindfulness practise

  • support from a kind, knowledgeable person with lots of time for you, who'll have your back

  • access to online community of like-minded mums

  • little extras that make you feel special through this pregnancy and life with a new baby

With that in mind, I am offering everything I can through Karma Nurture - online and in person, and have created some special mentorship packages for you.  

If you are wanting to feel informed, calm and confident, and you are looking to invest in your wellbeing, my Pregnancy and Postnatal Mentorship Packages are going to provide that for you, as well as making friends along the way - there's no other support like it!

Want to explore a whole package which brings together specialised yoga, wellbeing practices, birth preparation, doula support and community?  Where you are mentored and find your inner power AND gentleness?

Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in yourself, making your experience of having a baby really special?

Then I am ready to invest in you.  I'll bring the best of all I can offer you, with passion, consideration and experience

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about me

Hi I'm Pippa.

As a Pre & Postnatal Wellbeing Mentor, I believe passionately that you should have access to good quality information and support through pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

I have 3 children of my own and appreciate how much a calm, consistent and knowledgeable support can help, however they arrive.  (I have had 3 very different births!)

As an Active Birth Teacher and Doula, I teach very specialised yoga for pregnancy, and deeply empowering, yet realistic birth preparation, helping to practise bringing body and mind into the birth zone. 

As a therapist I can also offer tips and information to help with aches and pains, and stress relief.  (Also if you have had a previous negative birth experience we can work through that too).

Postnatally, I offer safe, gentle yoga and support to help with birth healing, plus support and reassurance when you are caring for a young baby.

It breaks my heart when I hear mothers look back and say they wish they'd had the right information, support or tools to have a more positive experience.  Therefore, I want to share all of this with you so that you feel differently; so that instead, you feel as empowered, heard, calm and confident as possible through your pregnancy, birth and post-natally too.

 Pippa xx 

bvh preg yog 2
bvh preg yog 2

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joella end pic

Active Birth, Birth Doula and Postnatal Support, a Pregnancy Package with Pippa Moss of Karma Nurtur
Active Birth, Birth Doula and Postnatal Support, a Pregnancy Package with Pippa Moss of Karma Nurtur

Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation and Active Birth Preparation with Pippa Moss

bvh preg yog 2
bvh preg yog 2


Everyone’s story is different, special and unique.  

"Pippa is like a close friend who wants you to be happy and has the skills needed to help you! Being able to access pregnancy and postnatal yoga, birth workshops, massage, Reiki and Doula services all with the same trusted, passionate and knowledgeable person is something i have valued and cherished during the special journey of becoming a mum (again). Couldn’t recommend her highly enough."   Steph Ward

"Working with Pippa and her vast knowledge and practical experience in women’s wellbeing, holistic therapies, I soon felt comfortable with opting for the birth choice that I actually really wanted, rather than feared.
The support and resources Pippa opened up to me, soon I felt  empowered and confident.

Pippa is a complete professional in all the services that she offers to women and couples. We would not hesitate to recommend her to 

any one of our friends and family."   Rachel Thorogood

In my first pregnancy I attended Pippa's pregnancy yoga class which I found useful and full of topics I wouldn't even have thought of; a bank of knowledge and hot tips.


When I found myself pregnant with my 2nd baby, I decided I needed extra support as my 1st birth didn't go the way I envisaged and I wanted things to be different this time. Pippa came to mind immediately; luckily, she was more than happy to put together a bespoke package for me and my husband at a price that was excellent value.

She spoke to me about my previous birth and helped me draw out the positives, in addition to showing me relaxation techniques for this pregnancy and birth. We had pregnancy relaxation, mini massage, and a private birth preparation session with my husband and I.


Again, the birth didn't go the way I envisaged. However, after working with Pippa, mentally I felt more equipped to deal with it and have much more positive feelings associated with ithe whole experience.

I would definitely endorse Pippa and her approach in helping anyone with their pregnancy journey, regardless of which number pregnancy it is.

I'm now looking forward to mummy and baby yoga!  Amy Forte