Prenatal Yoga



Investing in our wellbeing and support is as more important than ever before.

With all the women I have supported over the last twelve years, there’s a very familiar story I hear again and again.   Those who come to me in their second (or sometimes third) pregnancy, say:

“I want things to be different this time”.  


Hindsight is a wonderful thing! 


So what is needed, this time around? 

And what is extra important during this time of social distancing?

  • to know your options and make your own choices

  • additional, non judgemental and un-rushed support

  • tips and tools for a more positive experience

  • techniques to ease aches and pains, & other symptoms

  • to take time out to connect with your pregnancy and baby 

  • specialist treatments; relief from stress or anxiety

  • a more holistic and mindful approach

Human beings are not designed for going through huge transformations without support. 

And there aren’t many transformations that can rival growing, birthing and parenting a tiny human!

With this in mind, I

have created these personal and powerful support pregnancy wellbeing packages for you to help meet these needs - for first time mums, or those adding to their family.

Everyone’s story is different, special and unique:

"Pippa is like a close friend who wants you to be happy and has the skills needed to

help you! Being able to access pregnancy and postnatal yoga, birth workshops, massage, Reiki and Doula services all with the same trusted, passionate and knowledgeable person is something i have valued and cherished during the special journey of becoming a mum (again). Couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

Steph, previous client and now wonderful friend

Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in yourself,

making your experience of having a baby really special?

Then I am ready to invest in you. 

I don't do a "basic" package.   

You don't get a limited time of support. 

If you join my monthly "Pregnancy Wellbeing package", you get all of what I can offer,

for what is right for you each month, during your pregnancy and early parenthood, for as long as you want.  

You get individualised and consistent wellbeing support throughout, and

I'll bring the best of all I can offer you, with passion, consideration and experience.

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 The Ultimate

Pregnancy Wellbeing


​In-person or online classes / 1-2-1 sessions to suit your circumstances and wherever you are through your pre/postnatal journey, in person or online: 

  • Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation 

  • Active Birth and Hypnobirthing 

  • Birth and postnatal planning

  • Support and coaching

  • Access to facebook group community

Introductory offer: £195 per month 


All of the above plus a monthly Pregnancy Massage for £275 per month.  (Bedfordshire)

Please note:

  • A Free 30-minute initial discovery call is available to discuss if this is right for you

  • Gift certificates are available for payments towards packages

  • An agreement will be provided

Optional Extras include:

  • Birth pool hire 

  • Birth Debrief & Healing (for previous birth experience) discounted

  • Extra support hours for £45 per hour

pregnancy wellbeing