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Pregnancy Massage Bedford - Treatments Update!  

From 12 April 2021, I am offering treatments again on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 

in Oakley, Bedfordshire. 

Due to the COVID-19 situation and guidelines, all treatments need to be booked and paid for online in advance.  

For full details, and to book, please contact me  or see booking system, where treatments need to be booked.  Guidelines are also provided there.

pregnancy massage 

Thai Massage for Pregnancy - £85 for 2 hours

A wonderful, traditional whole body Thai Yoga pregnancy massage.  Encompasses gentle, passive yoga postures, acupressure points, energy lines and stretches, as well as massage, to help you feel balanced energetically as well as relaxed physically.  You will not be required to lie on your back for this treatment, and it is done over clothes (and a gorgeous balm for the facial massage). 

From 14 weeks in pregnancy onwards.

Pregnancy Nurture Treatment - £85 for 2 hours

This unique treatment for the third trimester includes a wonderful mix of the following to truly feel relaxed as you prepare for birth, body and mind.  The ultimate nurturing pregnancy experience that goes way beyond pampering - relaxation on a deep level.

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Thai massage 

  • Rebozo relaxation techniques (see details below)

  • Reiki to end with deep relaxation 

I had three treatments with Pippa during my third trimester and all were incredible. Across the three, I had combinations of Indian head massage, shoulders, back and neck massage, facial massage, full body Thai massage and reiki - Pippa is multi-talented! I left her lovely wooden cabin each time feeling nurtured, warm and fuzzy. Her treatments are a proper treat at any time but particularly during pregnancy when rest and relaxation is so needed.

As well as these, my husband and I also had a Rebozo session with Pippa. Learning how to use this scarf to alleviate some of my pregnancy aches and pains was really helpful and it also gave my husband a lovely way to help me carry some of the weight of our little one.

I'd really recommend her :) - Laura

Pippa's treatments are incredible!

I have had both the Indian Head Massage and Closing The Bones ceremony, and both were highly therapeutic, beneficial and excellent value for money. - Natalie

I first had a Reiki treatment with Pippa when I was really stressed at 8 months pregnant. 


I found it remarkably relaxing and calming, and felt a soothing warmth in my body. It was lovely, so relaxing.   It really helped me to keep calm and focused before the birth. - Lara