Why are your classes so long?

I get asked this question sometimes. It's because the Karma Birth pregnancy and postnatal classes are so much more than a general yoga class. There are extra elements in addition to the yoga that need to allow for extra time; and as a client pointed out to me recently, they are not "extras", they are an integral part of the classes. (see video below)

Often women (myself included when I went to classes during my first pregnancy) don't realise they "need" these extras; how much they can benefit from them, until they experience them. For example, I didn't realise at first that learning, experiencing and practising feeling more grounded, (and how to do that) was so useful in my life. Finding the time for my body and mind to really unwind when I was usually so busy or stressed, to connect to my body and baby, understand what we would go through in the birthing process, how learning breathing and relaxation and birth positions could benefit not only me but my baby, how to "listen" to my body's needs, and tune into my instincts. I didn't realise how the information given over tea and chat would gradually help me feel more knowledgeable and empowered about pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother, and that building a few friendships in pregnancy yoga over tea and chat would prove so useful and rewarding after we had our babies. And there's more! But I'll stop there for now....

It's then, when we experience the Active Birth Pregnancy Yoga classes with all these "extra" interwoven elements, we see the value of investing the time in ourselves. Thought I'd do a little video about these extras. https://www.facebook.com/pippa.moss.35/videos/10155275890361090/?t=1

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