The key to transforming your experience of motherhood starts here.

As a mentor for mums, and experienced specialist Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Therapist & Doula - I offer a wonderfully nurturing range of classes, treatments and support for the early days, weeks and months following the birth of your baby.

Enjoy a holistic approach to Mothers Wellbeing. 

Feel relaxed, positive, confident and supported through this important time. 

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Emily: "Pippa's classes have been a little bit of calm in what seems to have been a very busy and exciting year. Her Pregnancy Yoga was just the thing to stretch out and soothe my tired body and prepare me both mentally and physically for labour. 

After the birth, I took my daughter to a course of Baby Massage and absolutely loved finding a new connection with her. I could see immediately the benefits through the development of her strength and mobility. It was also very relaxing and just what was needed in the early months when things were a bit hectic at home. 

Finally, the Postnatal Yoga was great for ME at a time when I was starting to feel rather neglected. It helped change my focus and made me more able to cope with the demands of a young baby. Pippa's courses have proved to be an essential life line, and I would recommend them to all those with bumps or babies."

(Emily returned to classes with her second baby too)

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