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Treatments Update!

Treatments are in Oakley, Bedfordshire.   

Due to the COVID-19 situation and guidelines, all treatments need to be booked and paid for online in advance.

For full details, and to book, please contact me  or see booking system, where treatments need to be booked.


When a lockdown is in place, and for those who would like to experience some massage but are shielding or unable to come along for a treatment, I am still offering you video calls for guided self or partner massage.

"I can honestly say, I have NEVER felt that relaxed before in my life" - Helen

indian head massage

Ultimate relaxing massage

This is a wonderfully relaxing, stress-relieving and re-energising treatment, traditionally from India and also now including oily massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.

It not only eases tension within in the shoulder and neck area, but also helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair, stimulating the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your upper body, and therefore may clear your sinuses, relieve stress and help you sleep better.

Usually done whilst seated comfortably and wrapped in a blanket (although can be done laying on the massage couch if necessary, and is an even more amazing treatment when combined with Reiki or further massage, including arms, hands and back.) 

  • £35 for 45 minutes

thai foot massage

Thai Foot Massage involves a lot more than just the feet: also shoulders, arms, hands, hips, and legs!

This treatment incorporates movement, stretches, massage and zen lines/acupressure points to work on an energetic, as well as physical, level.  


Usually given whilst laying on the massage couch, although can also be done as in traditional thai/yoga massage, on a futon on the floor.  There is a mixture of clothed and oily massage within the treatment.

  • £35 for 45 minutes

thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is Traditional Thai Massage.    


A full body massage, it's wonderful mix of zen line, healing acupressure points and general massage, passive hatha yoga stretches, this treatment is adapted according to the individual.


Some organic massage balm may be used on the face, and sometimes hands and feet.  Otherwise, you remain fully clothed throughout a Thai Yoga Massage, on a comfortable futon mattress on the floor.  This enables a wonderful grounded feeling and is the ultimate of treatments; it's often known as "Lazy Yoga"!

  • Mini Treatment - 1 hour =£45

  • Full Treatment - 2 hours = £85

reiki treatments

Reiki is a non-invasive healing treatment which re-balances the body's natural energy. 

Reiki can be of great benefit for any of the 

  • stress and anxiety

  • recovering from illness or trauma

  • aches and pains

  • coping with loss or major life challenges

  • menstrual health, fertility,  menopause

  • self development

  • general health & wellbeing, self-care

My hands are placed gently on, or near to, the body, and you remain clothed throughout.   Reiki can be combined with massage for the ultimate treatment, or even with yoga too!

I am trained to Reiki Master Level (Level III)


£45 for 55 minutes 

reiki black lady.jpg

"Pippa, you are a miracle shoulder is totally better!  Maybe using your toes worked, plus just you lovely, calming presence.  Whatever it was, I'm so grateful!  Thank you.  I'll definitely be back to see you soon" - Lauren


"I had a wonderful combined treatment of Thai Foot Massage and Reiki, and instantly felt relaxation and I felt so grounded, and also like I was walking on air for two days afterwards!" - Helen

It was my first time having Thai Yoga Massage. I really enjoyed it, it was so varied. A beautiful combination of supportive stretches, effective pressure and relaxation. It is quite unique.  I liked the length of 2 hours! What a treat. Often in a shorter massage my mind is always wondering when it will end but I felt I could really let go in knowing it was ample time.  I really felt confidently supported and held.    Most importantly I felt really safe with Pippa, repositioning and adjusting to how it was working with my body and asking me how things were going.  I left the session much more relaxed, rested, loved and energised physically. - Rosie

"I really look forward to my treatments; they remind me how beneficial a regular dose of nurturing helps me to relax and feel grounded, thank you"  - Kate

"The recent Indian Head Massage with Pippa was so relaxing, I felt so calm and chilled out afterwards. Highly recommend Pippa for the treatments she offers." - Lucy

"Had an amazing Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage with Pippa.  The massages were very good: relaxing and in a lovely calm environment." - Kathryn

"I love having my head massaged so this was a real treat, I also felt those knots in my  shoulders and neck melt away.  Felt really revived afterwards." - Claire 


"Just had my first Reiki experience with lovely Pippa and it was amazing. I slept deeply and soundly afterwards and felt a new positive focus. Fully recommend to anyone with an open mind, you won’t regret it!"



"I had a wonderful combined treatment of Thai Foot Massage and Reiki, and instantly felt relaxation and I felt so grounded, and also like I was walking on air for two days afterwards!" 


"I wasn't sure what it would be like having a Reiki treatment but I was intrigued as I had heard it's very relaxing and that's what I craved.  Pippa put my mind at ease and explained what would happen then made me comfortable as I lay down.  An hour later I felt so revived, whilst also very relaxed and grounded; totally what I needed.  During the treatment I had felt like I was in and out of sleep and at times my body felt warm, tingly and even floaty which was a lovely feeling; I now try and go for a Reiki treatment with Pippa as often as I can." 


Wow this reiki session was the start of me really going to work on the inside after having a keen interest in personal development and healing for some time, it was a powerful experience. Not long after I made a big decision to move away and make a fresh start, I never could have realised then just how right that decision was going to be! 😁💜Thank you for that part in my journey Pippa 🙌🏼