Wellness Coach


Would you like a warm, heart-centred approach to enable you to make positive changes to your life?   

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unsupported right now and would love to find clarity and inspiration (with a dose of gentle accountability)

to help you feel more calm, grounded and energised, to up your self care, I can help you make some great changes in your life.   

My aim is for you to feel guided, nurtured and empowered

through the process.

As well as transformational life coaching in our sessions, you'll experience a unique and varied combination of wonderful holistic techniques to provide you with tools for big and small, yet significant changes. 

As a Yoga, Quantum Flow, Reiki and Thai Massage practitioner and Life Coach, trained in spiritual and subconscious transformation, I have a pretty large toolkit!


Working together, we can go deep and help you embody positive changes in a personalised way, that work on a combined physical, mental, emotional AND energetic level. 

I have found that working in this multi-layered approach, achieves the greatest results.   

This is where transformation can really take place, when we work on all layers of our being.


See below for the packages I offer: 

Life Coaching with Pippa Moss

1:1 Life Coaching 

We work together so you will be able to gain insights about yourself and learn tools for mind (including your subconscious), body and soul, and go deep into releasing effectively what is holding you back.   

You will then have inspiration, plans and take action to make positive changes in your life. to feel:

  • Energised: balanced & positive

  • Empowered: confident and calm

  • Embodied: in the positive changes you are making

  • Enabled: to more easily transform any challenges that come up

6 sessions: £650

Group Coaching with Pippa Moss

Group Coaching

Unique, holistic & transformative,

Thrive & Shine - Radical Self Care Program is starting up again in Sept. You'll have content for life from my own combination of physical, mental, emotional and energy techniques alongside life coaching, (VIP upgrade inc. 5 x 1:1 sessions and messenger support). 

click here for more info & early bird £

  • Calm & confidence in your life

  • Clarity: what you want & how to  do it - supported all the way!

  • Commitment to your self care

  • Connection: a community, a deeper connection with yourself and in your relationships

3 months: £850  (early bird £750)

6 months: £1500 / VIP: £2500

 (early bird £905 / VIP: £1995)

VIP Breakthrough Day Coaching

VIP Breakthrough Day

Let's go deeper!  This is a whole, personalised, life-changing day - all about you!  If you are serious about making positive changes, let's do it...  

Spiritual & subconscious transformational techniques, and beautiful practices to help you:

  • Realise your intentions & goals

  • Release mental & physical tension, feelings of stress & being held back

  • Re-balance: feel grounded & calm

  • Rewire your nervous system & subconscious from limiting beliefs

  • Re-energise with radical self care 

  • Reconnect with yourself - body, mind and soul - in a new way


Over 1 or 2 days, from £2500

Other options:

Birth Healing Program

If you have upsetting feelings around a previous birth (or early postnatal days), however long ago, this 1:1 combination of coaching,      3-Step Rewind, and personalised hypnosis will help you to feel better and heal, enabling you to release, let go, move on. 

Click for more info. Investment: £300

(£350 with birth healing massage)

Power Hour

If you have a clear and specific issue you would like to work on, this can sometimes be resolved over a one-off session of 60-90 minutes coaching, using subconscious and energy release techniques or hypnosis. e.g. losing weight,, smoking or a phobia.  

Contact me to enquire.

Investment from £150

Mini Self Care Reset

If you are not quite ready to commit to a full package or VIP day, but would like some support with your self care this special half day session provides a combination of

1:1 coaching, focussing on one or two aspects of your self care, plus quantum flow or a massage.  Contact me for more info.  Investment £250

"I found my coaching sessions with Pippa a freeing experience. 

I realised just how much I was holding on my shoulders as a mother, sister, professional and friend, and how little space there was for my feelings and my needs.  

I have learned a lot about me, and also techniques and practices that help in all aspects of my life.  I think I needed gentle kindness from myself to myself, Pippa has helped me understand that.

It was a very welcome, emotional and rewarding process." - Victoria

 "I feel like buying the VIP package was the best decision I could have made.   I paid in instalments which worked really well for me and I loved having Pippa for it all as she got to know me well and could pick the right coaching techniques accordingly.   We had our own space to help me explore everything I needed to, and even ended the day with a wonderful relaxing treatment!


It was really a transformational day, and I managed to change things for the better in many areas of my life as a result - not just the main issue I signed up for, but others I hadn't even realised could be improved!  Pippa was also there to message afterwards with a few questions I had.

I would say, if you are thinking about doing this with Pippa - just do it!"  - Marion

"I very much enjoyed working with Pippa and found that her calm and considered manner was instrumental in helping me to see how and why I could make changes. She put so much energy and love into our sessions, carefully using her skills to pick through my thoughts and inviting me to examine them.

Thank you Pippa, it has been such an incredible journey to work with you – I can feel the benefit already and I am so grateful that you helped to support me to make some really positive (and some might say overdue!) changes." - Jo

"I was feeling apprehensive before my coaching session, having never done anything like that before on a one to one basis, but it was wonderful. Before the session I was struggling with feelings of shame and anxiety.

After the session I felt like a weight had been lifted from me, a sense of lightness and release." - Jade