Wellness Coach



Would you like a warm, nurturing, heart-centred approach to enable you to make positive changes to your life?   

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unsupported right now and would love to find clarity and inspiration (with a dose of gentle accountability)

to help you feel more calm, grounded and energised, I can help you make

some great changes in your life.   

My aim is for you to feel guided, nurtured and empowered

through the process.

 As well as transformational life coaching in our sessions, you'll experience a unique and varied combination of wonderful holistic techniques to provide you with tools for big and small, yet significant changes. 

As a Yoga, Quantum Flow, Reiki and Thai Massage practitioner and Life Coach, trained in spiritual and subconscious transformation, I have a pretty large toolkit!


Working together 1:1, we can go deep (at your pace) and help you embody positive changes in a personalised way, that work on a combined physical, mental, emotional AND energetic level.  This is where transformation can really take place, when we work on all layers of our being.  

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your wellbeing, how you show up in the world?

I am willing and ready to invest in you.   

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Spirit & Subconscious  Coaching Package

Using a wonderful blend of energy and subconscious transformational coaching tools to:

  • Energy balance for your body, mind and soul

  • Embody the changes you want to make in your life

  • Empowered & nurtured throughout the process

  • Enable you to more easily reach your goals


Introductory spring offer: £295 - 6 sessions

(payment plan available)

Quantum Coaching 

***VIP Package***

Going for a deeper level of transformation with the amazing manifestation embodiment practise of Quantum Flow, alongside spiritual and subconscious life coaching and mentoring.  (Includes messenger support)   

  • Realise more deeply your intentions, purpose and goals in life and move towards them more easily

  • Release physical tension, feelings of stress, overwhelm and anything holding you back

  • Re-balance your energy to feel grounded and calm

  • Rewire your nervous system and subconscious from limiting beliefs to a new confidence and positivity

  • Re-energise with radical self care and expansion

  • Reconnect with yourself - body, mind and soul

Introductory spring offer: £775 - 12 sessions 

(payment plan available)

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Please note:

I also have options for one-off "power hour" sessions which can be for one, very specific, thing or to experience a taster before committing to a package, 

Introductory Spring Offer of £55 per session

  • A Free initial discovery call is available and advised for all packages to see what is right for you

  • Gift certificates are available for payments towards packages

  • An agreement will be provided

  • Online sessions available

  • In-person sessions take place near Bedford, Bedfordshire

Marion says: "I feel like buying the VIP package was the best decision I could have made, and I will definitely be doing it again.   I paid in instalments which worked really well for me and I love having Pippa for it all as she has got to know me well and can give good advice accordingly, without me having to explain everything again to a different therapist each time.

It meant that through quite a stressful time, I knew I had regular yoga, massage and support sessions - at times this kept me going, and really helped keep the stress levels in check - my husband says I am much more chilled out these days!    

I would say, if you are thinking about doing this with Pippa - just do it!"

Jo says:   I very much enjoyed working with Pippa and found that her calm and considered manner was instrumental in helping me to see how and why I could make changes. She put so much energy and love into our sessions, carefully using her skills to pick through my thoughts and inviting me to examine them and see how I felt about my own words. She helped teach me tools for life, to manage my life a little better and help to achieve my goals using realistic and non judgemental methods, so that even a stumble wasn’t a failure, merely a detour. Thank you Pippa, it has been such an incredible journey to work with you – I can feel the benefit already and I am so grateful that you helped to support me to make some really positive (and some might say overdue!) changes. 

Sam says:  "2 years ago, I feel like I was a different person.  I had a full-on job that I no longer enjoyed, but felt pressured to push myself in, working so many hours that it was affecting time with my family, and my social life.  My body had all sorts of aches and pains, I felt tired, stressed and dissatisfied.  Someone suggested I try yoga and that's when I found Pippa.  In the past couple of years I have been attending yoga with Pippa, and the other lovely ladies who attend, which is such a great space to be in and help me feel supported and have a lovely chat, stretch and relax all at the same time.  I decided to sign up for Pippa's well being package, which meant I had some private sessions via video call during lockdown and they have kept me sane!  The regular massage and reiki sessions with Pippa have helped my stress levels, aches and pains no end.  I really look forward to the next one.

With Pippa, you also get extra, as on top of her yoga sessions and treatments, she also takes time to talk to you and offer information to help inspire you to make positive changes in my life - and that's what's happened!  I plucked up the courage to go freelance and left my stressy job.  I eat a more healthy diet, spend more quality time with my friends and family, have a better social life and am a nicer person to be around!  I now have the confidence to express my feelings better and I truly feel Pippa's support has helped me change my life for the better. I would recommend her wellbeing packages to anyone wanting more calm and balance in their life."