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Here's some freebies for you to enjoy, on me!


Pippa x

Energy course

Recall Your Energy is a free 4-day mini course.   Sign up and each day you'll receive access to a replay video approx 45 minutes in duration, with lots of info, tips and techniques for helping to balance and boost your energy levels.  Learn how to not let your energy get drained, and instead be increased!  

Mini Meditation

This Relax and Feel - Connect to Self mini meditation is a little taster, a few minutes in duration, to help you stop, breathe, and come to connect back in with your body and how you feel in the moment.

Great for if you've been very busy and want some moments of calm

Facebook community

Join The Radical Self Care Movement - for Heart Centred Women.  This facebook group is growing and is all about supporting each other, because self care doesn't have to be done alone!   We can take responsibility for our self care, whilst also being supported by others.  I post information, tips and tools in there each day, and it's a lovely community.

If you have any questions, please just give me a shout!

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