Closing The Bones         (postnatal massage &  more!)

Closing the Bones is a very special traditional treatment that is part ceremony and originates from Ecuador, as a wonderful way to encourage recovery and bring physical, emotional and symbolic "closure" for women following birth.*  It can help balance the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being a new mum.


What happens during a Closing The Bones session?


  • a relaxed, quiet environment especially for you

  • comfortable mattress and cushions on the floor to lie on

  • gentle movements for your body, particularly lower back and pelvis

  • a special postnatal massage incorporating pelvis, abdomen, ribs, (for longer sessions, massage for other areas is available, e.g. chest, arms, face, feet)

  • use of wonderful, organic warming massage oil

  • supportive wrapping of your pelvis with a shawl to close the pelvic bones 

  • wrap the rest of your body and cover you in a cosy blanket for relaxation

  • rest!  (with soothing music and a special reading to mark the occasion)

  • the wonderful process of being unwrapped and coming out of relaxation

I offer varied durations for Closing The Bones, and in the longer sessions often there's more time to spend on each element above or add in extras, such as:

  • a cup of herbal tea and the opportunity to talk through your experience

  • additional massage of the upper body, or feet

* It can be done anytime, within hours or even years after birth, or at other significant times (starting menstruation, during or after menopause, illness, loss or trauma, miscarriage), or simply as a healing treat.   If needed, young babies can accompany their mothers.


A Closing The Bones session is a wonderful, original and extremely caring gift for any new mother - I offer gift certificates for any amount or treatment.

Please contact me, Pippa, and I will be happy to book you in, or answer any questions you may have.​

Watch a video of Pippa Closing The Bones here

Clients say....


Closing The Bones was a wonderful treatment. Nurturing, relaxing and very grounding. A lovely way to honour my body, specifically where I grew my babies. Pippa, as always, was fab! The treatment ended with Pippa reading a beautiful poem which made me feel very emotional. If you’re thinking about booking this treatment, I would definitely recommend it.


Safe. Secure. Held. Strengthened. Cared for. Nurtured. Whole.....

I could definitely sense there was something sacred and ritual-like behind every movement and touch that Pippa was doing.....Closing The Bones gave me the positive closure to the journey that I was looking for and was a lovely rites of passage welcome into motherhood and I felt my hip and pelvic bones were slightly more closed afterwards.


Pippa had made the space really welcoming and calming. We had a bit of a chat at first and she asked me what I wanted to get out of the treatment. All I could think was that I wanted to give thanks to my body for bringing two beautiful healthy children into the world and to have a moment of calm to feel that gratitude and honour myself in a kind of ritualistic way. The treatment was wonderful, deeply relaxing and peaceful. Being wrapped tightly in beautiful cloths, especially around the pelvis area, felt luxurious and comforting at the same time. Pippa used many of her other skills during the treatment including head and foot massages and reiki. The treatment was wonderful and I felt like I had both honoured my body and mind and had some precious time to myself.


After having my second baby, I realised that ‘me time’ was going to be in very short supply for quite a while! But after having a c section, I felt pretty tender and raw, physically and emotionally. A friend of mine recommended Pippa’s Karma Birth and the Closing the Bones session, so I booked in and also opted for the Indian Head Massage.

The most amazing thing about Pippa and the session, was that I was made to feel proud if my body and what it had done: not ashamed that i wasn’t a preened and plucked, bronzed size 10. This isn’t just a place for physical treatments, it is somewhere where mentally and emotionally you are massaged and encourages as a new mother. Also hugely important was the fact I could take my new baby along... and she slept through both treatments, wrapped in Pippa’s blankets, save for a midway breastfeed between treatments.

If I can sum up Karma Birth in words, I’d say: beautiful and empowering. I’m very grateful to Pippa for helping me feel powerful and grateful to my body and what it has achieved ❤️