breastfeeding preparation

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Often we focus so much about the impending birth of our baby, we forget about the next and immediate important journey - bonding with, caring for and feeding our baby - a journey that lasts so much longer than labour!  

And just like when preparing for birth, having knowledge and making informed choices about how to feed them (and getting the right support to do so) is so important too.

Get Ready to Breastfeed small groups and private workshops provide comprehensive and practical information about breastfeeding your baby (without pressure to do so).  You will learn about what life can be like as a breastfeeding mum and we bust lots of commonly-held breastfeeding myths, as well as covering important issues such as sleeping and newborn care.

Best attended in the last 1-2 months of pregnancy with your partner (or other support person), as they can really help support you especially in the early days.

 Breastfeeding preparation can also be included into your package if I am your Birth Doula.

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Class attendees say....


I attended a breast feeding workshop with my husband last year when I was pregnant with our first child, I found it so helpful, informative and interesting. I had a few problems early on breast feeding my son, but thanks to the knowledge I had gained at the workshop and the information I had been given I was able to identify the problem quickly (tongue tie) and sort it out and I am still successfully breast feeding my son 7 months on with no plans of stopping any time soon. I would definitely recommend any prospective parents attend this workshop. 

My husband would like to add:-Before the workshop I was worried it would be embarrassing. It wasn't at all and It was actually really interesting and I learnt how to support my wife and make things a little easier for her.

Alan & Cathy

The breastfeeding course gave us both something to think about other than 'the birth'.  I very much had an 'if I can' attitude to breastfeeding, I wasn't fussed either way - it would happen (or not).  If I hadn't signed up for this course, breastfeeding simply wouldn't have happened.  The information, the support and the change in perception we gained from attending meant we did breastfeed and we persevered.  The term 'we' very much is referring to the team, I needed my husband and he was a huge support, because he believed that breastfeeding was the only way forwards by the end of the course.  It empowered him to support me completely, especially as it wasn't an easy start with either baby.   We would highly recommend it for anyone who is 'going to give it a go', and who may want to change that to 'I'm going to breastfeed - because I can'.


I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the breastfeeding work shop you did yesterday. I am now feeling very positive and confident about the breastfeeding journey (having experienced a not so helpful info/ guide on another course)

I would like to say I would recommend your workshop to everyone and anyone wanting to find more information out and/ or thinking of breastfeeding. Thank you again


I can honestly say that 'the preparing to breastfeed course' gave me the help and support that enabled me to approach motherhood in the way I wanted.  I felt equipped with all the information that I needed to start Breastfeeding.  My baby ended up in the neonatal unit and had to be tube fed for 1 week with suggestions that we may not be able to breastfeed.  Without the information received and continued support from the course I don't think I would have understood that I could still breastfeed after that difficult time.  It was a long road for us to establish feeding and without the workshop, I don't think I would have started let alone still be exclusively breast feeding my 7 month old. Even my husband said it was one of the best things we could have done!