Birth Healing:

3 Step Rewind Programme

Ultimate relaxing massage

I am a practitioner of the The 3 Step Rewind Method, which is a gentle and safe way of working with parents to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth or any other perinatal trauma.


Essentially, this is a 3-session programme that takes you through a process (in guided relaxation) to help re-code, or interrupt the way our brains deal with upsetting experiences, thereby decreasing our stress levels when we recall it.


If you have had a birth or other perinatal experience that you don't feel positive about, that makes you feel upset to think about or that you would describe as traumatic, but that you feel ready to move on from,, this programme may well be helpful for you.   

What happens during 3-Step Rewind?  There are 3 sessions, usually taking place over the space of 1-2 weeks. The sessions allow you to talk about your experience and how differently you would like to feel.  Then through guided relaxation and visualisation I take you through a simple yet effective process to help you feel more positive and calm.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE IN CONTROL during this process:


  • You can discuss the process with me without obligation before booking to see if this feels the right programme for you.

  • Only if you feel ready to address this matter. 

  • You can ask to stop at any time

  • You only have to talk about what you want to

  • I will listen without judgement

  • I am not going to "treat" you, or try and counsel you; I won't try to analyse anything, or delve into your past etc.... you don't even have to talk about your experience if you don't want to, I'll simply take you through the process, which you can choose to stop at any time.

  • As a Doula I know about what can attribute to a negative birth experience; I know about the nuances of birth and maternity care.   I don't work for the NHS or care providers, and therefore my only interest in this process is that you feel an improvement afterwards.  I am passionate about parents recovering from feeling upset about their experience, to then be able to move on, feeling more positivity through their parenting journey.


Please contact Pippa to book or have a chat about whether this may be suitable for you.

Clients say....

Kate (not real name)

After a traumatic birth experience I tried my best to put it to the back of my mind.  I couldn't talk about my labour without getting upset and I couldn't watch anything about birth on TV.  I would also get emotional listening to others' birth stories.

After the 3-Step Rewind sessions with Pippa, my outlook on my birth experience has completely changed.  The gentle and mindful approach allowed me to actively deal with my emotions and get closure, whilst changing how I now look at the experience in a more positive way.

It has been so beneficial and I really recommend to those who are struggling to come to terms with their labour or any other traumatic situation.

Dina (not real name)

The 3-Step process was extremely useful in guiding me towards thinking about the birth of my daughter in a different way. Following the process I now feel able to focus much more on the positive aspects of her birth and am much more accepting of the more difficult things that occurred.

Pippa is the perfect person to help you through the process, and I personally found it very useful to discuss birth experiences in this relaxing, informal way. I have slept better since our sessions and have even stopped having dreams about my baby's birth and our time in hospital. If you are struggling to process some of your emotions after a traumatic birth experience then I highly recommend giving this a go.

As long as you feel ready and are prepared to approach it with an open mind, it will definitely help you to move forward.