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Antenatal Classes Bedford
This Due to Covid-19 restrictions, these antenatal classes in Bedford are available LIVE with me via Zoom, as well as socially distanced in person. 
Personalised, bespoke information, support and resources for you and your partner as you approach the birth of your baby. 

birth prep: body & mind

Birth Prep: Body & Mind workshops can be run online over Zoom too, and help you go from overwhelm and uncertainty to clarity, calm and confidence as you approach the birth of your baby.   Lots of essential information for partners too.

These classes are for you if you value:


  • a mindful and holistic approach to birth and life

  • the science behind how our bodies work 

  • a realistic yet positive way of thinking

  • the importance of your partner's support

  • feeling empowered and in control of your experience

  • a positive birth experience and start with your baby

What will you gain from Birth Prep: Body & Mind ?

  • prepare mentally and physically for birth - however that happens

  • scientific, practical and common-sense based knowledge of birth 

  • active birth, hypnobirthing and breathing techniques and tips

  • birth planning, choices, personal preferences, individual basis

  • choosing and using medical interventions wisely when needed

  • practical information for partners inc. massage, plus do's and don'ts

  • postnatal planning for early hours and days with a newborn

  • how to optimise your chances of a natural, positive and relaxed experience, for you, your partner and baby; to approach birth with excitement, not fear.

Antenatal classes in Bedford - £195 for 5 hours

Private workshop in person (or over two sessions if online)

Also included within my Doula and Pregnancy Wellbeing packages (click below)

I recommend attending my Pregnancy Yoga and Wellbeing classes as well if possible (group or 1:1) as this helps to embody the techniques like positions, breathing and mind-body connection that is so helpful for birth.

Birth Prep Class attendees say....


I would definitely recommend this workshop, it is very good value for money!  I

f you are at all nervous, apprehensive or feel slightly in the dark about the whole labour/childbirth experience, I cannot recommend this workshop enough. 

Pippa certainly knows her stuff and offers great info and tips for this amazing life experience you are facing.  She helps put any worries and concerns that you and your partner may have right out of your mind!"


We really wanted to express how this class really prepared us for birth; we don’t think the birth would have been the same without it. I had a very quick labour and managed to keep very active. The massages and techniques we learnt were a great help and got me through to such a late stage in my labour [and] helped us cope amazingly well...

Thank you again for the class and the knowledge we got to take away to make us so confident in the preparation for the birth.


I didn't use any medical pain relief - the water was so relaxing - I could have easily fallen asleep afterwards. The breathing techniques really helped - the midwife said my controlled breathing made things so much easier especially towards the end. I always remembered that the contractions will pass and to breath through them. Thanks so much for all the information and techniques, they helped both me and Roger (and baby Max) in having a birth that we wished for.


I wanted to say the hugest thank you to you.  Not only did the Pregnancy Yoga offer so much more than I expected, the Active Birth Workshop empowered and educated me to get through labour.  The midwives could see this in action as they said I knew what I was doing, that I was doing brilliantly.  For all of this, I can't thank you enough.  I recommend your classes to any mums-to-be.  Thank you, thank you, thank you

Couple with their Baby