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Empowered ~ Energised ~ Embodied

Is it time for you to upgrade your self care? 

You're in the right place. 

You're a mum (or mum-to-be),  ready to invest in your wellbeing,

and not compromise on your self care anymore.   


Life might feel "OK", but you know you'd like to feel less...


 x - overwhelm, anxiety and trying to do all of the things

  x - procrastination, worry and uncertainty

x - putting yourself bottom of the list

x - stress, aches and pains

You know you want more, you want a holistic approach...

yoga - massage - mindset - energy - coaching 


Personalised, accessible wellbeing  - meeting you where you're at


Happiness, to feel like the best version of you - in mind, body and spirit

Optimal health - physical, mental, emotions and energy - through yoga and more

You know you are worth it and that the time is right for you, to feel more, to manifest more







shine and glow


Are you ready to nurture yourself, and be nurtured?

Let's do this :)

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Don't get me wrong, life has definitely given me challenges over the years, but having the people, tools and practices to help cope has not only helped me survive, but learn to thrive.  

 It breaks my heart when I hear people talk about wishing they'd had more support through their experience into and through motherhood.  This is why I do what I do for new mums, and not so new mums - because life will always throw challenges our way, and it's how we respond to them that makes a difference.

As our children grow older and life moves on from those hazy early years, we can benefit so greatly in further connection to ourselves, finding ways to ease stress levels, aches and pains, to feel strong and healthy, happy and inspired. 

My gifts that I can bring for you are:

  • body, mind, soul and energy work

  • a personal, joined up approach to your wellbeing

  • a held space for you to find your own peace, power and purpose

  • gentle strength, flexibility, and patience, 

  • a practise that will help you manifest your best life

  • an open heart and mind


 I am full of gratitude for this work, that I get to walk

alongside you and share in your journey -

into motherhood, and way beyond.   

This is what motivates me to invest in my own wellbeing, and in yours.     Are you motivated too?

Come to yoga, have a massage, join a coaching program.    If you are ready....

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Who am I?

I'm Pippa, I'm a mother of three, Yoga Teacher, Quantum Flow Practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and Wellbeing Mentor.  I live with my husband, children, dog and cat in North Bedfordshire, UK.

I am super-passionate about providing specialist holistic services to enable mums to feel more calm, connected and energised whilst being inspired to living the best version of their life, whatever stage in life you are going through.     To be healthy and positive on the inside and out.

I have no doubt that our experiences of parenthood from early pregnancy, through birth, the postnatal and toddler then school years and beyond, can be so much harder if we don't find the support, nurturing and community we naturally need, and crave.  Not only as a mum, but as a person!


We weren't designed to go through this alone, and we were never meant to do all of the things on our own - especially self care!   Having said that, with support and gentle guidance we can usually find the answers we need within us.   Our natural state is calm, safe and a feeling of "being in flow". 

Let's honour our feelings, and aim for living in the highest vibe we can!