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A Warm Welcome!

  Be empowered, embodied and energised. 

Be grounded, calm and confident. 

Find your inner glow and enhance your life with wellbeing practices.

Be the happiest version of you.

Hi, I'm Pippa Moss, 

Energy & Embodiment Coach and Wellbeing Mentor for Mums

I specialise in working with mums (and mums-to-be), helping them go from overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain to calm, confident and connected to themselves through my unique holistic approach and powerful combination of specialised body, breath, energy and mindset work.


At this time, our work-life balance and investment in self care and development are so important.

It's time to make a change for the better!

I am committed to my own well being more than ever, and also to continue to offer you the best of what I can online and in person.   

How can you work with me?
You can work with me privately and in group classes or membership package.    
Online or in person - I'm based in Bedfordshire, UK







Steph says: "I discovered the amazing woman that is Pippa when I moved to Bedford expecting my second child. She really helped me to navigate what I needed in those precious times and I found her support invaluable.


These days I am a busy working mum with a real interest in building my own resilience in life to help me be calm, fun and able to contribute something to the wider world outside of my family.


Pippa’s expertise in bodywork, energy healing and life coaching and mentoring have been so helpful in enabling me to make some real changes in my life; to know how to better look after me so I can be there for others. Pippa’s wellbeing yoga classes, literally divine Thai massages and super-grounding mentoring support using the quantum flow approach, are some of the skills she offers that I really recommend to anyone who is serious about understanding what it means to make your self-care longings a reality."